Friday, September 3, 2010

A peak into the kiln..

I haven't posted in awhile... sorry for the neglect. I thought I would share with you non potters a glimpse into the kiln before and after a glaze firing. Did you know that glazes are never the same color you paint onto the wares after a firing?! For instance, my grey bowls pictured above turn out to be that nice green. The Yellow bowls shown above become my creamy white. And when you mix two colors.. the rules of a color wheel NEVER apply.. you must test them to figure out the results.

I love the experimental part of glaze chemistry, but NOT in the middle of a hot & humid New England summer! I've been slowly melting away!

I have some new designs I've been testing out.. I'm not quite ready to reveal them, but *think* weddings and special occasions! I hope they turn out as wonderful as planned! Details soon!

Have a great weekend! We will chat soon! xoxo

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