Thursday, September 9, 2010

My latest (and cutest) happy customer!

My latest custom order.. for my youngest (& cutest) happy customer! Is she the best little model or what?!

Proud grandpa, a regular at the restaurant i wait tables at commissioned a dish & matching bowl set for his granddaughter Kylie here.. He left the design up to me. He told me that she liked pink, and I knew that her parents are beach loving surfers from California who got hitched on the beach. So I thought a starfish motif would be perfect for both for Kylie.. and her beach loving folks! Grandpa seemed excited with it, so I went from there. I stamped on the backside, "Love Grandpa" and I think it will make a lovely keepsake for Kylie for years to come!

Looks like Kylie loves it too!!! : )

If you would like more info about having a custom dish made for the little man or woman in your life, please check out my etsy shop


jdavissquared said...

so cute! she certainly does look like she likes it.

found you via etsy forums, I hope you'll come visit me too!

And, I'm giving away a personalized piggie bank on Real Mom's Real Views! Make sure you go enter to win!

brittany - moccasin run said...

that is pretty adorable!

cute blog!

Miss Val's Creations said...

This is so sweet! I bet she will cherish this forever!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Thank you~ She is very adorable, and so sweet of grandpa to send me some pictures! What a nice family, I love making heirlooms! :)

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