Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preparing for the 1st blizzard of the season!

Yikes! Word on the street is we will be getting a foot or two of snow beginning early evening throughout tomorrow here in the Southcoast. I was up super early hoping to beat the crazy bustle but not early enough. The market had a line 20 people deep, local shops selling shovels, rock salt, and water proof gloves were selling out.

Its amazing what a little snow will do!

So, at the moment, I'm browsing through some amazing recipes on finding something to keep us entertained, and cozy as we watch the show! Tonight's menu starts off with a spinach dip and a glass of Australian shiraz as we put up the tree, and ends with traditional Cocadas and cha preto dos Acores I picked up during my last visit!

Best of luck to all you eastcoasties! Stay warm! xo, Chrissy

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