Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holy snow fall~

Good Sunday morning! If you are living in New England like myself, you had quite a scene to wake up to! No matter what the news tells you, its still a shocker when you wake up to 15" of snow outside!

It's like magic!

So here is a quick peak for all of you sitting in the sunshine!

We've warmed up with some coffee & banana pancakes & now we are off to shovel a little pathway out!

*Wish* us luck! xo, Chrissy


debi said...

Wow!! I moved to Sacramento from WI 30 years ago, kinda miss the snow, (kinda)!!! Merry Christmas!

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

oh my god!! I wish we got snow that deep here, lucky you!! the photos of the snow on my blog look nothing compared to this!

merry christmas :)

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Oh yeah.. crazy 1st for the year.. I'm hoping this isn't foreshadowing the season to come!

I might need a snow blower!

But as you can see..
a couple hours & 2 sessions later, I won! :0)

Snowman & woman building tomorrow~

Stay warm~ xo

Roberta said...

So nice to meet you Chrissy! I love it when the first snowfall is a doozy!! ha I stayed in my pj's all the day long.
xo Roberta

D.E. said...

Wow I miss the snow. I'm in So Cal. Oh you have the cutest blog and shop. Blessings, DE

Kecky said...

Wasn't this snow just marvelous?? I live in NYC and I stayed up late just watching it fall and turn the city magical!

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