Monday, November 16, 2009

oh *sniffle*

Taking it easy today, the week before my studio holiday sale. Not by choice of course, just feeling a little under the weather. Started with a sneezing fit & now its the whole shebang.. coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, sore body nonsense. NOT NOW!!!

What can a girl do?!

So I dragged my pretty little self out of bed around 11am (Tylenol pm had knocked me out!) Then carried myself and a 25 pound bag of clay up 65 stairs & down a super long hallway to my studio as fast as I could, avoiding conversation at all cost! Today conversation alone could drain the last few drops of energy I still possess!

I did manage to work a tiny bit. I cleaned up and drilled holes into about 50 porcelain holiday ornaments I left to dry on Saturday. They came out really lovely! Washed my hands and called it a day!

I feel super guilty being home with my feet up, carton of orange juice by my side, Tom and Jerry keeping me entertained. Sometimes things are just beyond your control.

I hope you are having a productive Monday! ~Ciao

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