Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Farmer's Market..

So, I set up at my first ever farmer's market today.. I've done open air art markets many times, but never a small local farmers market. The forecast had said rain, but we lucked out and had a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze. There were a total of maybe ten (give or take) vendors set up. A mixture of fresh organic vegetables, handmade soaps, home made honey, fair trade goods, and my pottery.

I decided to try it out and downsize my display quite a bit. I brought only one table with minimal shelving, one bin of pottery, with a few back up designs, lots of business & postcards, and a positive friendly attitude.

The market set up at noon and closed at four o' clock. What a treat! I typically do shows that set up at 8am and tear down at anywhere from five to seven pm! Its really nice to sleep in a bit, enjoy a nice breakfast with the beau, then head out to mingle in the sun while selling some work..

In the past few weeks, I had chatted it up a bit with some of you from this arts & crafts online community about farmers markets in comparison to larger 2day events. Some loved them, others disliked them, and most of you had not yet tried. From my experience today. . I would say ABSOLUTELY try your local farmers market as a vendor this year! I met some great happy people who loved to hear about my work and my process, and made some good sales in spite of it being slower than what I am use to. It was a nice pace. Relaxing and laid back! I generally feel like some larger shows are about "entertainment" where as the people you meet at these local farmers markets are their to shop and to support their local artisans. I had a great time and so did my other half AND we made it home in time to watch the end of the world cup match! Viva Espana! :)

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported everyone at the market! I will see you again in two weeks!

Cheers! xo


Confections said...

Thanks for giving a report on your good experience at your local farmers' market. I may give mine a try with some of my yarns and fiber.

Plantress said...

well, good for you! I went to two farmer's markets this week as a buyer and was sad to see my CNY glass buddies had not set up in Clinton, NY and my cat and the fiddle lotion person was also missing. It seemed like there were crafts people there for aprons and some jewelry but no soaps and less handmade-more bacon and goatcheeses though!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Thank you~ I think fibers would really do well at a venue like that. I wish you lots of luck! :)

@Plantress.. I have to confess.. I'm a sucker for handmade soap too.. :)

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