Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easy summer dinner from the garden!

Delicious & easy summer dinner from our little garden!

Mmm I love pesto and its sooooooo very easy to make!!!

Basil plants grow like wild fire, so give them a BIG pot, direct sunlight, and water them daily and they'll give you delicious fresh basil throughout the entire summer with plenty to share!

To make my pesto.. I pick enough basil to fill a small mixing bowl (pick off each leaf, just the leaves not the entire plant) Wash out your leaves thoroughly. I wash each leaf one by one. Layer the wet leaves in between paper towel layers then gently roll the "lasagna" of paper & leaves almost like a jelly roll. Toss the leaves into a food processor, drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt, fresh pepper, garlic, and chunks of Romano cheese.. Chop them up & keep tasting until perfect!!! I like mine heavy on the garlic & cheese, but light on the EVOO so it will be chunky! Yumm!!

Toss it with some al dente pasta shells, and enjoy! Its also yummy with chopped grilled chicken!

Tonight we paired it with an inexpensive but delicious bottle of sparkling white wine from Yellow Tail. Its like $8 bucks for the bottle, but delicious!

Happy summer! xo


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Great post! I love my pesto and I LOVE my Yellow Tail! : )

Linda Ellett said...

Thanks for the perfect timing to get me to harvest some of my lovely basil!!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Thanks for stopping in! Give it a shot & let me know how it turns out! :)

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