Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ok so I've Sprung ahead!

It's nearly summer time.. can you feel it?! The clocks were sprung ahead this morning and I have had spring fever for weeks now! The house is tidy & organized from top to bottom, and now its time to tidy up that studio! List making has begun, and I'm going through inventory lists. Seeing what sold well last year, what's low or out of stock, and working on some delicious new designs to keep my buyers interested!

You will be seeing me at some new venues this year... I'll keep you posted as the dates gets closer!

So at the moment I am reinventing my booth. Trying to keep the load light enough to fit in my little corolla but interesting enough to lure you in!

Here's a pic from a local summer show in 2009. I try to improve my set up each year. This year I am hoping for better vertical displays.

I might need your help as I play with some new space designs! I hope you are up for the job!

I'm exhausted.. I think its time for bed!

xo, Chrissy


Creative Minds said...

I have spring fever too! I love spring! Summer not so much. lol

Pretty Fun said...

I am always trying to update and make my booth easier to set up each time I do a show. I love making it fun a appealing but I hate making ,multiple trips to the car to unpack or load up.

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