Friday, March 12, 2010

I made it onto Etsy Storque!

Sitting in going through the usual online routine I decided to check my google analytics and found an unusual HUGE number of visitors to my Etsy shop. Thinking of course this is must be a mistake.. I tweet about it, and start investigating.

Thank goodness for sites like Craftopolis, and Craftcult I would be so clueless without them!

Craftcult saved me (yet again) by informing me that I was on Etsy Storque's Etsy Finds: Woodland Woo by MaryMary!!! Hooray!!! Thank you Etsy & Mary it is such a great compliment!

So take a peek here, I am in great company with amazing Etsy finds. Featuring some great handmade wedding options for all of you happily engaged & planning couples!

Cheers! xo


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

well done! I was featured in the etsy storque last week too. exciting isnt it!

Plantress said...

good for you! I saw a huge jump by participating in my first giveaway!

Anonymous said...
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