Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank you santa!

What a Christmas suprise..

Santa is the best, he brought me a brand new pacifica potters wheel for Christmas! What a guy!!! Do you know how heavy that must have been for him to carry on his sleigh?! Poor Rudolph, Prancer, Comet, and the gang!

I have been a very good girl though, so thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xoxo

I am a little bit nervous about throwing again. I haven't thrown since.. hmm.. well, since about 2002 when I finished my undergrad program. So I'm thumbing through some old books for tips, and searching online to refresh...

I'm giddy like a little kid! I can't wait!

So, keep an eye out, I will fill you in on the good & the bad, and the ugly, and hopefully some amazing new work!

Was santa good to you?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Sale~

Just marked down my sugar cookie ornaments in my Etsy shop to an amazing five dollars! They're super cute to add to your collection, or as an early start on next year's Christmas list! Take a peak at my sale section: I will have more listed tomorrow after I sort through inventory today!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family!
xo, Chrissy Ann

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas tree is up~ Woohoo!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season!
Thanks for all the love & support this year!
See you in the new year!
xo, Chrissy Ann

Sunday, December 20, 2009

P.S. I won~

Holy snow fall~

Good Sunday morning! If you are living in New England like myself, you had quite a scene to wake up to! No matter what the news tells you, its still a shocker when you wake up to 15" of snow outside!

It's like magic!

So here is a quick peak for all of you sitting in the sunshine!

We've warmed up with some coffee & banana pancakes & now we are off to shovel a little pathway out!

*Wish* us luck! xo, Chrissy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preparing for the 1st blizzard of the season!

Yikes! Word on the street is we will be getting a foot or two of snow beginning early evening throughout tomorrow here in the Southcoast. I was up super early hoping to beat the crazy bustle but not early enough. The market had a line 20 people deep, local shops selling shovels, rock salt, and water proof gloves were selling out.

Its amazing what a little snow will do!

So, at the moment, I'm browsing through some amazing recipes on finding something to keep us entertained, and cozy as we watch the show! Tonight's menu starts off with a spinach dip and a glass of Australian shiraz as we put up the tree, and ends with traditional Cocadas and cha preto dos Acores I picked up during my last visit!

Best of luck to all you eastcoasties! Stay warm! xo, Chrissy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"F-r-a-g-i-l-e.. that must be italian!"

Is it strange that EVERY time I package up an order & scribble "fragile" on the side I always crack myself up & think.. "that must be italian."

Last of my orders are on their way.. California & New York City bound. Have a safe trip! xo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheers to the last glaze of 09'

..and now I must schedule a manicure!!!

Last day of free shipping!

Just a little reminder, today is the last day of my free priority shipping offer from my Etsy shop

Take a peak I still have lots of goodies that are perfect for your favorite teacher, hostess, neighbor, secret santa, as well as your best friend or mom.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Have a great day! ~Chrissy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vegetarian Potato topped Lentil Bake = Yum!

What is going on? Two nights in a row and I'm in the kitchen whipping up some fresh meals from the garden. It's been really fun actually. Who knew. They always said when I was an undergrad that potters were good cooks, but I never believed it.

Turns out.. I'm not so bad.

So, here's a peak of tonight's feast.

Its a long recipe, but if you're interested let me know, & I'll take the time to share! :0)

Ingredient list!~
The potato top made from chopped potatoes, chopped pecans & fresh thyme.
The casserole bake beneath made with red lentils, broccoli florets, celery, garlic, sliced leeks, cubed bean curd, & tomato paste

I'm thinking about getting crafty for Christmas Day to wow the folks. We will see!

P.S. Have you ever noticed how beautiful a sliced leek is? Inspiration for some spring dishes I'm thinking!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simple Corn Chowder was a success!

Here's a super simple corn chowder recipe I made for dinner tonight. For those of you who know me, know I am not found in the kitchen very often. However, all of a sudden I find that I LOVE to chop up fresh veggies and cook up a real meal!

So earlier today, sitting in my car in the midst of all that afternoon rain, errands almost done, & wind whistling around. I found myself sitting in the parking lot of my favorite local market, and using my handy dandy new phone, googling a quick corn chowder recipe. I was going to try and bake the bread too, but thought easy does it!

Here is the ingredient list~

1 medium yellow onion chopped
1 large carrot chopped
1 celery stock chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
3 ears of corn
1 bay leaf
1 medium gold potato
1/2 tsp. fresh thyme
1 1/2 tbsp. butter
3 1/2 c. milk
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper

Easy right?! Well turns out its really delicious too!

In your favorite soup pot, melt the butter, then add the onions and sautee until soft. Then add the carrots and celery until they are cooked through. Break the corn cobs in 1/2, add to the pot. Add milk and one bay leaf.

Bring to a boil then cover & lower the heat. Cook for 30 minutes.

Take out the bay leaf & corn on the cobs, set the corn aside.

Add in your potatoes and red pepper as well as a tsp. of salt & pepper to taste. Cook until potatoes are tender.

Cool down the corn on the cob under cool running water. Chop the corn off of the husks then into the pot they go.

Add the fresh thyme, stir it up and voila! Dinner is served!

I served mine up with some french bread I purchased at the bakery, and a caesar salad on the side. Serves up about 4, so double up if you're having some friends over, or looking for some left overs for a couple of work days!

I totally recommend it! Give it a shot this chilly winter season!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Cheers! xo

Friday, December 11, 2009

Last show of the season! Hoorah!!!

Fairhaven's Old time holiday is tomorrow, and I will be setting up at the Unitarian church on Green Street. Such a beautiful venue! Doors open from 10-4pm. Stop in if you're close by!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New packaging!!! A happy mistake~

After hours of printer problems.. I came up with a simple DIY packaging project that I am totally happy with! I made these out of postcards I had printed with my Etsy shop address, some scissors & lovely spray adhesive! *Please use proper ventilation*

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tapas frenzy!!!

Let me tell you, these folks here in New Bedford are loving my Tapas designs & cleared me out this weekend!!! For all of you that will be visiting me this Tuesday night at Margaret's Craft Extravaganza, I'm sorry I will be out. Good news is, I will have other FAB designs I am glazing up especially for you! I hope you still visit! There will be 15 talented artists selling their handmade aprons, handbags, jewelry, tshirts, paintings, print work, baked goods, soaps and so much more!

Hope you can make it, and please tell your friends!!!

Also, I reopened my Etsy shop a wee bit early. I created a special "made to order" section to list all of my out of stock items. Gift certificates are also available!

Please don't forget.. this Tuesday, December 8th will be our 3rd Annual Craft Extravaganza at Margaret's Restaurant, 16 Main Street, Fairhaven. Doors open at 5pm until 9pm.
Be there or be²!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Etsy shop closing up for the weekend...

Just a *quick* mention.. I will be closing up my Etsy shop for the weekend while I'm set up at Downtown's Holiday Stroll in New Bedford. (closing tonight at 8pm, reopen Monday at 9am) starting to run low on certain inventory and don't want to disappoint anyone! So, if you're in the area drive on over! It should be a great weekend of local art, food, & caroling!

Tis' the season! xo

For more info check out:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For all you tea lovers out there..

A couple of new tea bag holder designs new to my Etsy shop! Take a peak Perfect for the little Buddha on your list! And of course, my fleur de lis! Only ten dollars with free shipping until December 8th.
~Namaste xo

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis' the season for FREE SHIPPING!!!

Happy December 1st! I can't believe we are beginning the holiday season already, and this New England weather is great!!! (The quiet before the storm?!)

So in celebration of the holidays, I will be listing new holiday inspired pieces all day in my Etsy shop ( with FREE SHIPPING! *Not on all items* but you can see which under my "free shipping" section.

Yes.. you heard me right!

I will ship anywhere in the states for free! Also I will be offering some great package deals, so take a peak & see what's new!

Then I am thinking.. we might start decorating here at home tonight! Fa la la la la.. la la la la!
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