Friday, June 11, 2010

Dragging out my tent from the basement..

I can not believe its that time of year already! Wowzer!!!
In merely TWO weeks from tomorrow marks my first outdoor market event. Its my favorite show, a home show about two blocks from my house in historic Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The town center is just beautiful with old historic buildings such as the Unitarian Church, Town hall, and Milicent library. I just love living here, and I love setting up my work with such an amazing backdrop!

As I had mentioned a few months back, I have cut way down in my show circuit this summer. I will only be attending two local shows aside from a few outdoor farmer's markets. I have been working on many new original designs and sculptural works, and I chose to give myself the time to mature those ideas in my workspace rather than work only on my production work.

I have listed a few of the shows on my website I've been slowly working on under "A shop near you" as well as a new artisan boutique that will be carrying my wares called Swish in Warren, RI. To make up for my show cutbacks, I plan on consigning my work again, so I will post those as they come! So stop by my "A shop near you" as I update it weekly!

Have you started up some outdoor summer shows yet?! I'd love to hear about it!

Ciao for now~ xo, Chrissy


Liz said...

wow, great work, good luck with the show im sure you'll do great! I havent any plans for any this year yet, I need to work on a couple more products first, maybe comming up to christmas.

Kathryn Dyche said...

I really need to dust off my tent and do some shows but after moving to Virginia a year ago I just haven't found a venue I feel confident about yet. Good luck with yours, although I'm sure you don't need it, have fun.

Linda Starr said...

My tent is in our moving bus, hopefully we'll unpack it all in the next two weeks. I am going to several outdoor shows as a spectator since I am new to this area to see how they are run and the attendance. I plan on checkong on consignment in shops around here too, good luck with your show; I'll check out your website.

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