Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Here is a Top 10 list from of super easy things you and your family can do to go Green (er) beginning today!

1. Project Switch: Change your light bulbs! Use Energy Star bulbs! Shut your lights when not in use, and use a dimmer to set the mood & save the energy!

2. Drive your car differently – or drive a different car altogether! Pull out that bicycle, or walk over to your local market for that gallon of milk! Save car emissions, save some money in gas, and get in shape!

3. Your housenot too hot, not too cold! Try using a sweater when temperatures aren't ideal, or go nude if its too hot! ; )

4. Tame the refrigerator monster! Lower it by 1 degree to save some energy, or find a new spot for it if its near a heating vent, or always in the sun.

5. Twist the knobs on your other household appliances! For one, wash your dishes by hand! My dishwasher broke a couple of months back, but now I found that I actually like having the quiet time to clean dishes after a home cooked meal. Become one with your dishes and over time, that will save a few loads in the dishwasher, conserving energy.

6.Green plants with less water, more trees to provide shade. Try groups of lovely hostas, and reuse rain water to water your gardens and boxes!

7. Buy Green Energy, and invest in green energy stocks.

8. Go organic. Its better for you, and better for the environment! Plus.. it tastes and feels better! Support your local farmers and crafts people!

9. Buy recycled.

10. Be a minimalist. Buy quality products that last longer and shop vintage!

For more details, please check out

Please visit my Je T'aime dishes as they are featured as a go green item in this lovely blog

Here's an excellent green site that you can share with the kids in your life!

xo, Chrissy

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Kathryn Dyche said...

Great suggestions . . . I need to be better.

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