Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meditation in Motion

So, I finally got to use my new potters wheel that Santa had brought me for Christmas. It had been about 7 years since I had last thrown on a wheel. I was really intimidated, and didn't really have any expectations. I was going to sit and try to familiarize myself with my new tool, and that was all. I had one hour for fun before I had to be at work, and I was going to say hello to my new BFF.

From what I remember about my throwing days, I always listened to certain tunes that would get me to be "one" with the wheel. I needed a tempo that would transcend me almost into that space. Even currently with my work, I listen to a certain style of music that reflects what I am making. When I am producing a large quantity of tapas dishes, I listen to something loud, fast, and energetic like The Bug, Brazilian girls, or often Putamayo's Arabic Groove. If I'm cleaning up some work, I will listen to Pimsleur language tapes, or soft jazz.

Today, I loaded some Desmond Dekker onto my stereo and wedged up 2 clay cones and I was ready to go. I haven't bought a good throwing stool yet so I grabbed the lowest chair in my studio, and got comfortable for the ride. I started centering, and to my suprise, I was much better than I had thought! I had to cone up a couple of times.. but the rhythem of the spinning clay it was like a mantra to me.

I had completely forgotten how spiritual throwing can be! You are forced to live in that very moment. You become aware of everything in that moment.. the music and its steady down beat, the foot petal beneathe your bare foot, the feel of the wet clay between both of your hands, the bat and grog scraping along your palm, your deep calm breathing. It takes you out of yourself in a sense. You are so intently aware of every movement and every response, it is a total mind and body experience! I LOVED IT!!! It completely puts me in a different place, its like what they call transcending meditation. It is absolutely amazing, and such a rush and totally freeing. I left feeling high, totally alive and amazing! I felt like I had just left a yoga class, and was reminded why I need to go back! I can't wait to get another chance! I left the studio with jeans dirty with fresh thrown clay all over my thighs and loved it!

My pot however was not as note worthy, but the experience was great! I will get back to it once all my stock is caught up. Until then, I allow myself some fun on the wheel after my daily work is done, and by then I am beat!

Until next time, Chrissy


Piggy said...

I haven't done pottery before. I may try some time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

God Bless

Sew Upscale said...

Love your etsy shop. Really like the jewelry dish.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

There is nothing like throwing to beautiful music. I occasionally will attempt to throw to talk radio.. Just don't do it. The work really suffers.

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